• Offline Mobile Web App Viewer
  • View static and dynamic (ajax/sqlite) web apps offline in mobile device in 3 easy steps ...
    • Step 1: Zip and Rename your Web App having index.html with .pap extension
    • Step 2: Sync the Web App to your mobile device using Email, Btsync, Dropbox or any file manager
    • Step 3: Open the Web App (.pap) in the mobile device using the AppWeb Offline Web Viewer
  • Main use case is for easy conceptualization/sharing of mobile html prototypes
  • Download the Mobile AppWeb Offline Viewer
  • For feedback send mail to sri at arshu dot com
  • Sample Web Apps
  • The Sample Web Apps are available in InputWebApp Directory of OneClickAppWeb Github Repository
  • Open the Sample Web Apps in the AppWeb Viewer
  • App Web Viewer Source
  • The MIT licensed source of the App Web Viewer/Runtime developed using Free* App Web Component
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